These guidelines below are this local wiki's. Please follow them at all times. If you break certain guidelines, it will result in a block.

  • Inappropriate Language - This is a ROBLOX wiki and is directed to persons 13 and younger. Your comment will be deleted and your account will be blocked.
  • Vandalism/Bad Content - Vandalism is not allowed. Don't remove useful information and don't add incorrect information.
  • Speculation - Speculation is not allowed on articles. Use either discussions, blogs, or comments.
  • Harassment - Users are expected to be kind and respectful to fellow editors. Do not encourage a hostile environment or start/engage a 'flame war'.
  • Notifications - Before making a large change to a certain page, such as overhauling the main page, notify the community through a blog post or comment, or through the community Discord.
  • No NSFW - If you are found posting inappropriate content, it will be removed as soon as possible, and will result with a permanent ban.
  • No Advertising - This includes YouTube channels and off topic subjects. Videos related to Build A Boat For Treasure are allowed.
  • Random Categories - These random categories are usually useless or already have another category dedicated to it. 
  • "Badge Farming" - Do not make useless/random edits just to earn a badge. Badges are to encourage contributions that help the wiki. 

Article Guidelines

  • Opinions - Don't write opinions in articles.
  • Edit Summary - Please put a summary of edits in the edit summary and not comments.
  • POV - On pages, don't use my, me, mine.
  • Slang - Avoid using slang while editing pages, such as "plz". In comments, its fine.
  • Grammar - Use proper grammar and spelling on pages.
  • Capitalization - Capitalize letters in page titles. (i.e. 'Saving Slot', instead of 'saving slot' or 'Saving slot'.)
  • Block Hitpoints - Hitpoints for blocks are based on amount of times it can be hit by obstacles before destruction.
  • Obstacle/Terrain Damage - Use the Damage Guide for obstacles and terrains.