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Community Boats

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Cruise Model A3 (GenOcean)

"GenOcean, formerly known as The New Generation is an upcoming cruise project. The ship's construction has already started and currently, only an estimated 20% of the ship has been constructed.

The triple deck ship will feature two full cabin levels. The first level will contain an appalling 100 metal seats and the second level will contain a stunning 150 wooden seats. The third level will have at least 8 thrones. This ship will be made of approximately 5000+ blocks (including non-block items like seats, torches, bread, etc.)

This ship is expected to have 95% survival for the shark stage (based on ship's survival meaning the ship is expected to have at least 1 block surviving 19 out of 20 rounds of passing through the shark stage).

Riders of the "cruise" are also expected to have a 75% chance of survival when riding it through the shark stage, which is a 35% increase comparing to surviving the shark stage when riding the Risk Explorer (this ship is succeeded by GenOcean).

GenOcean will have six emergency door platforms that are bigger than those of the Risk Explorer as truss ladders will lead riders from the doors on second floor to the platform on the first floor. Instead of being made of 21 blocks, the platforms will contain 68 blocks, not including 2 wooden seats. There also be extra cover from higher walls but still no ceiling.

There will be an additional four lifeboats, containing 4 wooden seats each. They will be connected by butter blocks at the third deck. If there is some extra gold, I would buy another two legendary chests to get blocks sufficient enough to build lifeboats with proper shelter and walls (meaning they are like smaller, individual ships). Anyone can pull the lever in each lifeboat, but only during emergencies as the lever has quite a big diameter of effect space (butter blocks can be far from the lever but when the lever is pulled, the butter blocks can still disappear). Pulling the lever makes the butter blocks which are connecting the lifeboats to the main ship disappear. This disconnects the lifeboats from the ships and they will drop.

Lifeboats are most likely to be used only during an emergency, a crisis or a glitch in the ship (if the ship keeps bobbing around, for example). In the previous ship, the Risk Explorer, the ship once split into three parts as rocks kept hitting the same damaged parts, make the cracks bigger and the leftover blocks in that area thinner. The leftover blocks soon broke and the ship split terribly.

The ship will cost an outstanding estimated 75000 gold.

The ship is only to be ready in January 2020 (Estimated, and that's a long time from now)."

Created by: SydeFI


Cruise Model A2N (Risk Explorer)

"Okay, obviously this boat is not as big as your boat as I'm not a pro but more to the noob side but anyway, this ship contains an estimated 2380+ blocks (including "non-block" items like chairs, torches and other items that don't come in the form of cubes.

Survival Percentage for Risk Explorer Travelling in Obstacles that Break Boats the Fastest: Shark Stage: 83.5% (5/6) Giant Rock Terrain: 99.9% Golden Cannon Stage: 95% (Note that this percentage count is based on the ship's survival before all its blocks gets destroyed, not based on YOUR survival)

The "cruise" has a stunning 68 seats (for such a not big ship) and has emergency door platforms in case you fall out of the ship as you can attempt to jump back onto the platforms, open the door and get back to safety. There are 4 emergency platforms (see those platforms sticking out of the sides of the front and back of the ship). I don't think much ship builders would have thought of it so I made the ship unique by building that. The second floor has NO shelter except for the royal room, which is at the back of the second floor of the ship (see that sheltered area at the back).

Note that this might flip over at a high 80% chance. The ship might look a little ugly because of the different colours of the different blocks but I'm buying the paint tool soon and the different blocks make the ship look like a mix of materials. Maybe you don't like it now but be sure to ride it if you see me in Roblox (I'm SydeFI) because I let people into my ship; they don't really bother me."

Created by: SydeFI

BABFT Ship Model 2N (Risk Explorer)

King Bob's Revenge

"A pirate shoop"

Created by: SPIDERBLOOD360


Foxy The Pirate Fox v2

"An imporved model of Foxy the pirate. Now with the ability to become a ragdoll."

Created by: xXSkeletonPlaysXx



"Includes the Kingdom key, Oblivion, Oathkeeper, And suggestions from discord: Chillthrill's keyblade, Worthyone's keyblade, ZEG blade, TheOfficial_FuzionYT's keyblade, Timely end (Luxord's keyblade), and one of my own (2 fates cross). Also, i add more when i get suggestions or requests and when im motivated"

Created by: xXSkeletonPlaysXx


A Wheel without Thrusters

"A collab of ideas that was built for a contest"

Created by: xXSkeletonPlaysXx & jimk22


Smooth Wheels without thrusters

"After xXSkeletonPlaysXx and LiegeNorth stopped fighting each other, they teamed up with jimk22 to make a better model of a previous wheel without thrusters."

Created by: LiegeNorth, xXSkeletonPlaysXx, jimk22


Super Thanos Car

"Like thanos Lamborghini........................xD"

Created by: yokhard676

RobloxScreenShot20181019 161705233

Space Battleship Yamato

"on water...."

Created by: yokhard676

RobloxScreenShot20181008 162743351

"Space Battleship yamato -Armor 100% -Security 100% -Pass Shark Stage 80%"

Created by: yokhard676

RobloxScreenShot20181009 132336323


"Nemesis renamed to Esther-Nemesis, with Implemented gyroscope design. Nemesis desc:

An original design, only inspired by various viking-esk ships, technically still a WIP.

Real boats have c u r v e s"

Created by: SpoonMLG


Prototype Gyroscope

"A working gyroscope"

Created by: SpoonMLG


BB-61 Iowa

"BB 61 Iowa battleship legendary is the lead ship of her class of battleship and the fourth in the United States Navy to be named after the state of Iowa. Owing to the cancellation of the Montana-class battleships, Iowa is the last lead ship of any class of United States battleships and was the only ship of her class to have served in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II."

Created by: yokhard676

RobloxScreenShot20181004 165040270

USS Fletcher class-destroyer


Created by: yokhard676

RobloxScreenShot20180908 220408301

"USS Fletcher class-destroyer - Security 50% - Armor 30%"

Created by: yokhard676

RobloxScreenShot20180908 214338104


"The Bismarck, made by the Germans in WWII, with the back half of the superstructure missing due to size constraints."

Created by: Eapple

Screenshot (255)

Yamato Full version


Created by: Yokhard676

RobloxScreenShot20180908 210430177

"Yamato full versoin - Security 90% - Armor 100% wait or 80%? nvm"

Created by: yokhard676

RobloxScreenShot20180908 204309717


"This is my titanic"

Created by: FirePotato65


The Double Deck '860

"This boat is my most recent and now my main boat, it usually gets to the end very well and has many detail to it. It has many parts like side canons, the glass/ice window and stairs on the back and many other things."

Created by: Moses Jacob

Double Deck '860


"A recreation of the famous Yamato battleship used by the Japanese during WWII, not a 1:1 scale as the area used for building is several times too small."

Created by: Eapple

RobloxScreenShot20180726 214137073

R.M.S Blockotania

"This boat was inspired by the R.M.S Titanic, R.M.S Olympia, R.M.S Lusitania and R.M.S Mauretania. It has a total of 22,578 blocks used. It took 72 hours long to build and has 8 important rooms. It is the biggest possible boat in the game in size. [Please message my username if you like boat building]"

Created by: leesmith1337

RobloxScreenShot20180616 170339770


"Simply a box wrapped around with diamond plate and some watchtowers. I figured why not add them since they're both quite powerful. I won once with this. Almost got at the end twice, but died towards the end"

Created by: brokenVectors



"just recreating it in this game :p"

Created by: FaizFS

My boat

Emperor Warship

"A WIP of an ship that reaches the front and near the back of the building zone. This Leviathan's whole body is made out of metal as it can quickly load in due to it's most of the blocks in multi. It's total of metal blocks for now is 2664. Also don't even think about editing my template by placing a ship image I did not built."

Created by: Andrew21905


Armored Assault Seacraft

"The Red and Black colored Seacraft, I wanted to make a sort of Ironclad (Armored) ship capable to taking some hits as well as being able to fend off some rocks as part of a team. It is sort of difficult to enter this craft/boat as not only is there only 2 seats, but you need to enter it as it is loading up this is due to it's armor plating. I made it look less of a ship an more like a sports boat armed to the teeth. It's still WIP, still figuring out how to improve it, maybe adding a battering ram of sorts."

Created by: HaloOfAuva

Armored Asssasult Seacraft

The Cube

"This is my boat. its nice"

Created by: Pigking38


Demolition Boat

"A small patrol boat with an explosive platform connected to it by a few beams 5 blocks in front. The platform is laden with 4 TNT charges that will detonate a safe distance away from the boat once it comes into contact with anything after the platform has been destroyed. The TNT is only effective if it detonates against something that is really hard to get destroy of, hence the cannons to help keep the platform afloat before the TNT is utilized."

Created by: Bananagod

Hello der


"Made with only concrete and metal. Two cannons on the front and back, with one cannon on the side. Capacity is three players."

Created by: ClassicMasterNoob


Oil Rig

"Built based off of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Has a capacity of 5 players (excluding lifeboats). There are only two lifeboats with two seats each. When the rig is flipped over (maybe by the geysers), the lifeboats deploy and automatically flip over the right way."

Created by: ClassicMasterNoob


Weird Iron Fortress

"A metal fortress with 6 cannons, able to seat up to 9 players. The player sitting on the throne shall be able to access and shoot all the cannons in first-person. Others will have to use third-person. The flags and crows nests are there to try to prevent the cannons of the cannon stage (On the walls) from hitting the actual ship itself, as that stage is the most dangerous for this ship."

Created by: XRay71

RobloxScreenShot20180102 171813278

Cool Boat

"i like my boat"

Created by: Orangesator


"me nearly dying"

Created by: Orangesator

RobloxPlayerBeta 2018-02-01 17-15-38

S.S. Indigo

"The grind was real."

Created by: SpoonMLG


Toilet Boat

"A toilet boat. That's all i need to say"

Created by: Piggie575

== Ship Holder ==

"Its a ship holder, you have your shielding to protect it from bad stuff, so your boat will always stay perfect, it is also really really slow"

Created by: ethan10292005


Satan's Spawn

"Aloha, this is Satan's Spawn designed to look like a messed dog that just got its mouth slapped right open in half. It may look like tanky as hell but nahhh this thing is so weak by the time you get to the end, half of the body is gonna be gone"

Created by: AlexTLG


House Boat

"A "house/apartment" boat that easily make it through the game. Fairly hard to win on the top layer of the boat, and kind of wobbles if a passenger is not seated or is jumping. This also causes the boat to flip, making it prone to being destroyed."

Created by: ELDYmoddys


Flying Hawk

"The Flying Hawk is my main ship, she consists of a granite wall and a metal flooring. The ship itself contains close to 2000 metal and 2000 granite respectively, along with 41 cannons and 47 thrones for seating. Rooms include the Captain's Quarters, the Cellar for imprisoning unwanted sailors, an upper deck, which is partially open to let in sunlight below decks, a lower deck, which can be used to perform shows, relax, or simply enjoy the ride, a treasury, consisting of the twenty-seven gold blocks I have acquired throughout my travels, and the main attraction, the stern. The boat is painted a black color, the color of darkness."

Created by: GoldenPegasus5

Flying Hawk

The Auracraft

"This is good made to end 12 times with this"

Created by: JariazhinWasHacked

RobloxScreenShot20180602 202652392

big boi

"This is an Never-getting-finished boat which is pretty strong and its glitched by the paint glitch."

Created by: 17peter17.


the BIGG

"This boat have three floors and you can move freely in it when its on the water"

Created by: notyoer


The KV-2

"The KV-2 does surprisingly well, it can go to the end sometimes. I use this square to test out new blocks and other stuff."

Created by: imorta777


Black Warrior

"Have been on the sea for a long time ago, sometime could reach the end."

Created by: KhoaGamer1

Black Warrior

The Double Decker Armored Aurascraft 2.0

"The Aurascraft has 13 Gold Thrones

3 Rocket (Original Idea by Znac/GLITCHED)

With a rusty bumper and a gold barrior

And a Escape rocket Ship at the front powered by (Thrusters)"

Created by: jariazahinwashacked

RobloxScreenShot20180612 122858090


"Just white ship that can sail to the end. Always using it to farm gold and upgrading it!"

Created by: UnGuyTai

RobloxScreenShot20180615 205533835


"Simple wheels with two thrusters and button."

Created by: UnGuyTai



"Builded only with new blocks."

Created by: UnGuyTai

RobloxScreenShot20180615 214204993

Star Gun

"Just Star Gun"

Created by: UnGuyTai


Destroyer Class Leviathan

"A massive battleship with moving turrets, I invented the concept for turrets."

Created by: SpoonMLG

Leviathan Battleship

Boot Boat

"It's just a boot."

Created by: Chef_Roach (Roblox) Translucid (Fandom)


Movable Wrecking Ball (Cube)

"'I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!' Used for fun uses. Pushes players and unanchored boats and blocks. "Hey but you just copie-" No i didn't. I once got this idea when i was playing with the Servos so i thought why not make a wrecking ball because i can."

Created by: VukBogdan (Fandom & Roblox)

Wrecking ball-0


"This boat was build when i put the music final boss - nitro fan so it looked like a final boss and all is history ;)"

Created by: notyoer

Final boss

FINAL BOSS (jsb ver)

"now its a just shapes and beats final boss ;D"

Created by: notyoer

Final boss (jsb)


"A tall rocket mostly utilised for space travel. Is too tall to pass through the caves and tends to create lag spikes for the whole server if it falls into the void. "In Vicinia Stellarum." (In the proximity of the stars)"

Created by: AlphaTheWyvern



"Its a very strong ship icluding all new rotating turrets and a crane. it has never lost so far"

Created by: steefgozercool


Rocket sled

"cant beat this speed"

Created by: steefgozercool

Rocket sled.png

Scout Ship

"Has 2 thrusters on the back and has 5 cannons"

Created by: Coolguy123doge

RobloxScreenShot20180628 082502135

House Ship WS345SA

"A House Ship (I did not copy "ELDYmoddys" Hes one is just a House/Apartment with House Units Mine is not like that

Orginally Was just a normal Rectangle

Then add the Front of a Ship ( But Flat ways)

Then Added a Huge Cude in the Middle With Two Floor

First one is with a Table with chairs (for the Intense Leadership Talk LOL)

With Three Food Block (I call it food block cuz clicking will make it disappear and makes a Crunching Noise so IN N OUT Burger?

Second floor with Four Rocket Missiles (Orginal Idea By GLITCHED AND Z_nac or whatever from them i saw it first Credits goes to them)

Then on Top Is Four GT (Golden Thrones) And a Bunch of Cannons

And a Escape Pod With Ballons But it turned small ;-;

All this boat contains Will Paint it Tommorow Cuz bought the brush yesterday"

Created by: jariazahinWasHacked ( Boat made by ALT AshleyRoseYT ) (Roblox)

Jarbuster (Fandom)

RobloxScreenShot20180614 164910140

Yamato Battleship

"The Yamato is quite large, but don't let its size fool you. It was built with green merge level so that means it is quite fast even for someone with a bad PC or laptop. It loads quite fast for its size and the whole boat is filled up with granite/obsidian and that gold cannon is filled. Fun fact, because of the green merge bug, it shrinks a big chunk of the ship into a cross-like fashion; so I made a nickname called "Jesus""

Created by: imorta777



"The Fury MG3KWS Consists of over 1800+ Block

And Has a player limit of sitting is 17 Seat Two Silver chairs

And 15 GT

And the Two Yellow back side window will be used for the next update (If theres something usefull or More seats)

Powered by Thrusters (6)

Two Rotating Turret Looking Missiles

Frame: Titanium/Diamond Plated Block

Floor: The Brown Block and Marble and a bit of titanium

Roof Titanium ( A bit ),Contrete and A bunch of Rusty Metal

Because It been in the Water of Wonder (Oceans)

And Cannons and the Name on the side

Done :D"

Created by: jariazahinWasHacked ( Made by alt AshleyRoseYt)

Fandom JarBuster


Future Gadget#003: Wooden Car FINALE (Temporary Name)

"FG#003: Wooden Car FINALE (Temporary Name) is a car with an obsidian (man I call this granite) base and wood armor. It was built and completed on my second day of playing, taken inspiration from a click bait car found if you were to type, 'build a boat for treasure car.' In order for good control while driving this car, it was built using wood, resulting in a very fragile but decent looking car, being my first ever attempt at building one. As it was my second day of playing, I had to buy plenty of uncommon chests for the wooden planks. I also have absolutely no interest in cars IRL, so forgive me if it does not resemble any real car."

Created by: ArcaneFxre


The Titan (Destroyer Ship)

"A Destroyer Ship.

Info: 2 Rotating Cannons (Non-Functional). Couple cannons on each side. Steel flooring on second floor, mixed on first. Glass shield made to look like futuristic shield generator."

Created by: Titanicpower1234


The Crawler

"'this boat is made by zerc and uhh he was too lazy to put this into the wiki so im putting it' 'there' 'thats the desc' ':>' 'put my' 'IGN' '://///' 'Divinxtion then' 'cuz' 'idk' 'just put it'

-What he said on Discord"

Created by: Divinxtion


Future Gadget#005β: Totally Not Zerc's Crawler v2.42

"FG#005β: Totally Not Zerc's Crawler v2.42 is a knockoff version of IAmZerceus's (now known as Divinxtion because he played too much Arcane Adventures) Crawler, having special wheels made out of obsidian (I still call this granite cmon). Because why not, I added springs to the front wheels. The button activates the thrusters hidden inside the 'peanuts' (name given by zerc) which almost never work considering the fact by the time I want to use it the wheels are already gone. It's created out of marble and obsidian because of design and their good strength:weight ratio (mostly design). The wheels are attached to normal wheels since I can't afford the huge ones, and are made out of granite and wood. I made this on like my fourth day of playing so ya."

Created by: ArcaneFxre



"Its a very strong ship icluding rotating turrets and a giant hydrogen balloon. it has never exploded so far."

Created by: steefgozercool


Fire ant X1

"Now with 70% less chance to tilt!"

Created by: emet052

Fire antX1

HSF Harekaze

"Based off of the HSF Harekaze from the High School Fleet anime. Gun is incorrect because my reference was a World of Warships skin mod and not the actual HSF Harekaze model in WoWS. Its an old ship, and im currently working on a better ship named the HSF Admiral Graff Spee at the time of writing. If the image doesn't appear then it's because this is my first community boat and im a bit confused with how to get the image in."

Created by: PeeperSleeper

HSF- Harekaze

Shrek's House

"A replica of Shrek's house created entirely with the average building tools, and no glitches. all images here:"

Created by: Chef_Roach (Roblox) Translucid (Fandom)


Mini Futuristic Cannon

"The Mini Futuristic Cannon. Just a big rotary cannon. (Doesn't actually shoot!) Seats 4. Blue in base made of the reward gold blocks, painted blue. Mostly made of steel."

Created by: Titanicpower1234


Holy Noob Wheel

"Has only let me down twice, all the other times I was at the end. You will be at the end depending on where you sit. Sit in the back, you have a good chance of making it."

Created by: faaaaarrrrrtyman (idk why I chose this name)

Holy Noob Wheel


"its a car with 12 wheels ! what can go wrong ..."

Created by: notyoer

My plane

Super Sonic

"This is my jet, it goes through all of the levels on an average of 5 seconds."

Created by: xXBabyNinja555Xx

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.27 -

Wheel of racer

"i builded wheel of racer so it rides to end"

Created by: manlego031


ColinWD's Yacht

"A yacht based off of a nadra 38 superyacht"

Created by: ColinWD



"my favorite boat, called Lanterna, that boat can easily win the game in my sides, my best friends dj gameplay and caio :D"

Created by: Sabio777Br



"this boat is still being continue to become big it has rooms for friends,two jails,very slow,viewing places,a car area still being continued."

Created by: Superprime6666


Thunder Child

"Cargo Boat. Slow but big. makes it to the end. and lots of BABFT player try to jump to the boat. Takes a hours to get to the treasure. My best Boat."

Created by: RainbowderpHG/RealDrepyPlayzMC

RobloxScreenShot20180819 132000862

Cruiser Class U.S.S. Dione

"A descendant of the Leviathan, it and the Dione are an inspiration to many large scale boats of similar and original structure built by others."

Created by: SpoonMLG

Dione updated


"This is a 10,000 block boat/it has 8 escape boats,4 on each side/2 escape rockets/a mega thruster and thruster strip above it/took me 1 week or 60 hours to make/and it’s called the MLG_Tanic Made by MLG_PopperLeader"

Created by: MLG_PopperLeader

MLG Tanic

Soviet Bi-Plane I-153

"This is a recreation of the infamous Soviet bi-plane I-153. The most famous use of this plane was in Khalkhin Gol, where the Soviet-Mongolian forces fought against the Japanese forces, and in the early years of the second World War. Oh, and it flies too."

Created by: ACoolSephiroth


The Mothership

"It's a torpedo/shark looking ship with a big cannon on the top which can turn 360˚ and the barrel spins. There are many seats in the main ship for more people as well. It's called The Mothershipࣶ."

Created by: Soodrew

The MotherShip

Wii U

"its a wii u cool"

Created by: Gamemaster111234



Created by: Gamemaster111234


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

"Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!"

Created by: JASTERUS


Just A Golden Boat

"A golden boat made by using the ? block, more explained in my video."

Created by: MrCompoopter


LumierePlus+ Plane

"The LumierePlus+ Plane is a highly protected plane with an actually "butter escape pod" at the bottom, It includes mega thrusters at the wings, and the back of the plane. And no, it doesn't actually fly. There is an escape hatch at the top of the plane and also an escape hatch at 4 of the windows of the plane. The whole plane is made with 2 layer of strong white concrete on the outside. The plane is still being tested but for now It goes 3/4 into the stage, it got to the end about 23 times now for 50 testings. The plane has a luxury 1st stage and another regular part at the back of the plane. It includes a REAL BATHROOM with a working sink and a weird toilet with a plushie on it. The drivers area has a high seat and a working control panel. So far the plane is doing very good right now."

Created by: bellon44626


Trooper Carrier 2.0

"It has 37 seats, 2 floors (An upstairs and Downstairs) and has 7 rooms in total. After using this ship for the last 5-6 months with constant improvments it has easily become my best ship, it would mean so much to have my old baby put into this wiki."

Created by: lLamamano777

RobloxScreenShot20180818 075917209

Black Pearl

"It used almost half of my cannons (79 cannons) It has a room for passengers, inside is some metal seats and a treasure and 4 tnts, theres a cannon stage if u go under the hole theres some cannons. My best boat yet. (Its a pirate ship)"

Created by: caqc

RobloxScreenShot20180820 073900016


"This monster is capable of taking any damage and the hull is surprisingly Strong as how it is, The hull is mainly made out of metal the second turret is made out of granite and the last 2 turrets stone, getting to the end with this tank is very common, its track is fragile (made out of stone) and its some what "wheels) are made out of granite, in other words you can call it the KV-2-2-2-2 (Since it has another turret)"

Created by: Trithorix


White Bread Couch

"This is a white bread couch with seats inside the bread to make it have an illusion of you sitting on a couch. Seriously it looks dope."

Created by: Bellon44626

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 4.44.47 PM

Totally Fake Submarine

"The Totally Fake Submarine Great for deceiving your enemies! Worky Rudder Shield generator strikes again!"

Created by: Titanicpower1234

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.02.38 AM

The Noob Boat

"The Noob is litterally a noob. Boasting 21 cannons each arm, and lifeboats and a buffet, and an airbase, wonders how they fit into the giant noob. Who would call that a noob?"

Created by: Esma210

The Noob Boat

Rocket Truck

"This is my rocket truck, it has a working missile (8 thrusters + 16 balloons (red things above the 4 thrusters outside) It can drive."

Created by: caqc

RobloxScreenShot20180826 010628014

Bread Heaven

"Bread heaven is a floating island that only bread lovers would believe exists. It has a dungeon, and multiple traps to trap bread abusers or intruders. The Bread goddess is litdoodhashtagcool1 and the Bread God is Plasmablast310. xXArielTheMemeLordXx is the builder of bread heaven and has the rank of Bread Lord. It has a bread factory and a windmill to produce its wonderful bread for the people who live in Bread Heaven. Dough is not only produced by the windmill, but is also produced by the prisoners in the Dungeon. Bread heaven does not like caging people and only does it if they mess around in the wondrous land. Bread heaven is a great place to live, as they have friendly people and serve fresh baked bread in the Bread Cafe. Their source of dough is made from wheat, which they harvest on the farm. But if something happens, like someone attacks bread heaven or anything specific to that, they are armed with cannons and harpoons. They also have an escape pod if they really can't handle the threat. Bread heaven has taken 2-3 weeks to build due to the lack of blocks, and is still being worked on."

Created by: xXArielTheMemeLordXx




Created by: IceCreamMask


Rubik's cube

"this boat was made by ivanbear01 and NikolaGluh. Its a Rubix cube."

Created by: ivanbear01


Small Yacht

"this is my small yacht i make it to the end twice it kind of strong:)"

Created by: Johanessimon

RobloxScreenShot20180901 221315312

Stryker Battle Ship

"Powerful (but ugly D:) Battleship that has fully functioning turrets with cannons mounted in them. Has a toilet (for emergencies), lifeboats and 4 unguided "rock destroyers"."

Created by: matthewthecowboy

EZ Cruiser

"Your average designer boat. Armed with 6 cannons and an awesome hull."

Created by: Eoxine



"My Titanic still being built."

Created by: BloxGames18

RobloxScreenShot20180915 134828885

Foxy the Pirate Fox

"Foxy the Pirate Fox" is a well designed boat built by xXSkeletonPlaysXx"

Created by: xXSkeletonPlaysXx

RobloxScreenShot20180828 194255276

The Bloody Demon Of Flying Boats

"for cool kids ownly."

Created by: Pheas

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 6.41.39 PM

Luxurious Boat

"A 2-story boat with 5 rooms. My prized boat that has won about 12 times."

Created by: FlowerModule



"definitely not a destroyer glitching"

Created by: xXSkeletonPlaysXx


Mystery Swarm

"Mysteries that are suicidal"

Created by: BornAstro

RobloxScreenShot20180727 180215224

Breadlandia Cruise Ship (Unfinished, will update picture)

"The basic appearance of the BreadLandia Cruise Ship; the first of its kind, along with the gate/boarding station. More floors will be added, along with lifeboats. It reliably makes it through the map. Rooms include boiler room with turbo booster, a bread buffet on the main deck, a captains room, and 2 finished suites. This beaut is constantly being updated and I am currently in a grind trying to finish it.

This boat will be updated soon."

Created by: ThirdTimeTheCharm (ROBLOX), Weird Polygon Alt (WIKIA)


The Huge Sweeper

"This boats sweeper sweeps away obstacles manually, After the sweeper is broken the ship goes by its own.

The boat has a 90% chance to get to the end"

Created by: rubyshadows

Huge sweeper
Huge sweeper

The Maestrom

"a giant boat which features a front normal escape and a back balloon escape + a collection room with the plushies a chest block and the box (picture coming soon)"

Created by: Nuruthefluffy