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Show your boats to others! To add a boat, use the CommunityBoatTemplate. To figure out the class of your boat, use the Boat Class Guide. Use source mode to edit boats, as the visual mode will cause lag. Do not edit other users' boats. Your edits will be reverted.

When posting your boat in the comments, please include the name of the boat on the building space, a description, and the boat image itself. If you want another username to be displayed instead of your FANDOM username, please state the username in the comment.

Any users who have an explicit boat image will have their account exiled from the wiki and have their boat reverted. Anyone that vandalizes someone’s boat will be blocked. Images of boats MUST say the name of the boat file and the format, such as BoatTitle.JPG and MyBoat.png. Image format must be supported by Wikia.

Post your boats in the comments below!